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Piedro Stability Boots Mauve Leather Lace

Code: 2579.2000

Piedro Orthopaedic Stability Boots are made on extra depth lasts with high and extended corset stiffeners for maximum strength and support for developing feet.  Piedro Stability Boots are recommended for:

  • Children who need extra support from their footwear.
  • Have extreme valgus or varus instabilities.
  • Suffer from Cerebral Palsy.
  • Have limited dorsiflexion.
  • Deterioration of the talo-crural joint.
  • Problems with ligaments in the lower limbs.
  • Painful or pressure sensitive feet.
  • Need to accommodate custom orthotics / inlays / insoles.

Piedro specialist Stability Boots include removable and anatomically correct inlays that help keep the foot in the correct position within the shoe and can be removed to provide extra depth or to accommodate custom insoles if required.  Available in sizes 22-39 in width 5.


Prices vary slightly depending on the size required. Select your size from the drop down list below and the correct price will be displayed.

  • Available in sizes 22-39.
  • Choose from 3 colours.
  • Velcro models are also available.
  • Include 3mm removable and anatomically correct inlays.
  • Mix 'n' Match can be mixed with other model styles.
  • High and extended corset stiffener for the best strength and support.
  • Suitable for use with BioFit Inlays.
  • Fully adaptable if footwear adaptations such as a raise is required.
  • Take care of your Piedro footwear with our recommended footwear care accessories.


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